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The Finsteraarhorn Tour

Photo by Freddy. The Finsteraarhorn seen from the north.

The highest and one of the most stunning looking peaks in the Berner Oberland. We climb the Mnch the first day and stay at the Moenchsjoch Hut. Day two we climb the Jungfrau and hike to the Konkordia Hut. We climb the Gross Grnhorn to the Finsteraarhorn Hut. The next day we climb the Finsteraarhorn and travel to the Oberaarhorn Hut. We climb the Oberaarhorn and hike out to Grimsel that day.

The standard route is rated PD+ II-, or ZS, Ice 45 degrees. This tour is very strenuous and requires excellent physical fitness. If you want to go easier please see the glacier hike to Grimsel Pass.

The climb, a 5-day tour, is on the largest glacier in Europe, the Aletschgletscher. The views are fabulous from the top.

Day 1:

Meet in Grindelwald or at the Jungfraujoch, 3464 m. and climb the Mnch, 4011 m. and stay in the Mnchsjoch Hut, 3657 m. 2-3 hrs to the summit and 2 hrs. back

Day 2:
Climb the Jungfrau, 4158 m. and hike down the Aletschgletscher to the Konkordia Hut 2850 m.

4-5 hrs. to the summit and 3 hrs. to the hut.

Day 3:
Climb the Gr
negghorn or Gross Grnhorn 4044 m. and rappel down from the Grnegghorn and glacier travel to the Finsteraarhorn Hut, 3048 m. 5-6 hrs. to the hut.

Day 4:
We climb the highest peak in the Berner Alps, the Finsteraarhorn, 4274 m. We will stay another night at the Finsteraarhorn hut. The climb is 4-5 hrs.

Day 5:
We glacier travel via Rotloch to the Oberaarjoch to out to the Grimsel Pass. This day will be around 7-9 hrs. From there we will take the Taxi out. (Taxi is not included in the price)

The Finsteraarhorn Tour

June- July- August- September

Cost: 5 day climb CHF 4,550.00 (1 person) CHF 2,585.00 (per person with 2 person)

Includes: hut fees, 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 5 day climb

Previous mountaineering experience required.

Photo Gallery

Photo by Freddy. The Finsteraarhorn


Photo by Freddy. Finsteraarhorn south ridge


Photo by Freddy. The last steps on the snow to the summit

Photo by Freddy. The view from the top towards the Aletschhorn

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