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The Monte Rosa 4'000 m. Peak Tour

Photo by Freddy, The Monte Rosa massif seen from Gornergrat

If you are a lover of spectacular glaciated mountains, you are in for a treat. We start in Zermatt, Switzerland, enjoy a tram ride up to the Kleine Matterhorn, collecting the first two (Breithorn and Pollux) of the 12 possible 4000 meter peaks in the Monte Rosa area. We cross over into Italy to stay in their huts, where they serve their famous pasta and, naturally, they have espresso machines for the finest coffee. We continue over Castor, Liskamm west/east peak, Balmhorn, Pyramid Vincent, Ludwigshhe, Parrotspitz, Signalkuppe and Zumsteinspitz. The final icing on the cake is the highest peak in Switzerland, the Dofourspitz, where we stay in the highest hut in Europe, the Cabana Margarita at 4554 meters. It is like climbing multiple Mt. Rainer's!

The tour is rated PD to AD, mostly 40/50-degree ice

Spend the night in Zermatt by yourself at the Gandegg hut or Schwarz see Hotel.

Day 1:

Meet in Zermatt/Trockener Steg and check the equipment.

Take the tram to Kleine Matterhorn from which we climb the Breithorn 4165 m. We stay in a small Italian hut run by the local guides, Cabana Guida d'Ayas.

Day 2:

Climb Pollux 4091m. and the Castor 4226 m. and down climb to the Cabana Quintino Sella

Day 3:

Cross over the traverse of the Corno Nero 4321 m. Traverse over Balmhorn 4167 m. Pyramid Vincent 4215 m. to the Cabana Mantova or Cabana Gnifetti.

Day 4:

Traverse over Punta Giordani 4046 m. Ludwigshhe 4341 m. Parrotspitz 4436 m. the Zumsteinspitz 4563 Signalkuppe 4556 m. where we have lunch in the Cabana di Margarita. We will hike out to the new Monte Rosa hut where we stay over night.

Day 5:

Breakfast and then we hike out to Zermatt.

 June- July - August

Cost: CHF 4,150.00 (1 person) CHF 2,350.00 (per person with 2 person)

Includes: hut fees, 4 breakfasts, 4 dinners, 5 day climb

Previous mountaineering experience required.


Photo Gallery

Photo by Freddy. The view from the Doufourspitz towards Zermatt

Photo by Freddy. Climber on the Doufourspitz

Photo by Freddy. View of the Breithorn

Photo by Freddy. View of the Monte Rosa

Photo by Freddy. Climbers approaching the summit of Doufourspitz

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