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The Wetterhorn 3701 m.

The defining mountain of the village of Grindelwald.

Photo by Freddy. The Wetterhorn in winter

The Wetterhorn is the symbolic mountain of Grindelwald.

A very esthetic rock ridge up to a snowy ridge. We hike to the Gleckstein hut 2317 m. above the famous village of Grindelwald over the Grindelwald glacier. Early in the morning we climb the Willis Ridge to the top, 5-6 hr one way. We will stay one more day in the hut and hike out the next day.

The climb is rated PD or ZS- with a section of 45 degrees.

From the Wetterhorn Restaurant, we take a bus to the trailhead to hike up 3 hours to the Gleckstein Hut. The next morning we leave early to the start climbing the Willis Ridge to the summit saddle. From here we either climb a snow gully or via a rocky ridge to the summit. We will climb down the same way we climbed to the Gleckstein Hut.

On the third day we hike down to Grindelwald or another option is to reduce the tour to 2 days.

It takes about 5-6 hrs. up and 3-4 hrs. down.

July- August- September

Cost: 1,1/2 day climb CHF 1,435.00 (1 person) CHF 785.00 (per person with 2 person)

Includes: hut fees, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, 2 day climb

Previous mountaineering experience required.

Photo Gallery

Photo by Freddy: Swiss cow with the Wetterhorn in the background

Photo by Freddy. The summit ridge with the Eiger in the background

Photo by Freddy. On the summit of the Wetterhorn

Photo by Freddy. The summit ridge

Photo by Freddy. The morning sun on the Eiger

Photo by Freddy. Eiger and Monch

Photo by Freddy. The down climb on Wills ridge

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